Summer Intensive Kanbun Course Information

Information for application

General Information

  1. The Summer Intensive Kanbun Course begins on , and ends on Wednesday, August 4.
  2. 2 class hours per day, 5 days per week, from 6/25 – 8/4/21, total 54 contact hours.
  3. This course is being offered subject to a minimum enrollment of three students and a maximum enrollment of eight students.
  4. Students will be expected to have their own electronic dictionaries. It is desirable that they have the editions of Kanjigen (漢字源) and Kōjien (広辞苑) that feature stylus pen input capability.
  5. No scholarship or financial assistance is awarded by the IUC to students enrolling in the summer Kanbun course. Questions concerning the applicability of outside sources of financial aid (FLAS, fellowships, etc.) should be directed to the funding agency.
  6. The Inter‐University Center does not confer academic credit. However, upon request, the IUC can provide a description of the material covered and the number of course hours completed.

Who Will Benefit from the Summer Intensive Kanbun Course?

The course is intended for students—primarily graduate students—who need to master the fundamentals of kanbun in order to conduct specialized research in various disciplines.

Course Objectives

The IUC's Expectations of Students

  1. Students are expected to participate actively in class.
  2. Students are expected to spend several hours a day preparing for the next day's classes, doing homework assignments. For the three weeks of this Summer Kanbun course, they should put aside their research projects and other work and devote themselves to IUC study.
  3. In excursions and other extracurricular activities of the Center, students are expected to make active use of the skills they have acquired in class.

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