iKIC available at last!

An application for the iPhone or iPod touch for study of Kanji in Context, iKIC is now available for sale at the App Store! Using your iPhone or iPod touch, you can work on mastering kanji anytime, anywhere.

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Features of iKIC

Lesson-based study
Lessons contain both basic and advanced group of vocabulary. Students may choose to study basic, advanced, or both groups as the same time.
Convenient lesson layout
Kanji are presented through new vocabulary in each lesson. Target kanji are under lined for quick recognition by students.
Detailed study
Selecting an individual word in a top screen of each lesson brings up the vocabulary screen. From here, the reading, English meaning, and example sentences are displayed. Single-tapping a sentence reveals its furigana reading.
Audio playback
Users may play back unlocked audio by double-tapping a word or sentence on the vocabulary screen. Unlocked audio is also automatically played during lesson quizzes. Audio for the first lesson is provided along with iKIC. Further audio content is available from within iKIC's In-App store.
Kanji explanations
Selecting a kanji in search, or touching an individual kanji on the vocabulary screen will display a detailed breakdown of the kanji. Onyomi, Kunyomi, English meaning, stroke order, as well as Shinkanei and Nelson indexes are provided.
Lesson quiz
Users can test their ability on a single lesson or multiple lessons, optionally testing their kanji recognition, kanji writing, or English to Japanese translation abilities.
Full search
Users may search across kanji and vocabulary for refined study.
Extra content available through the In-App Store
Obtain all 143 lessons featuring thousands of audio samples, sentences, and vocabulary by using the In-App Store in iKIC. Don't need all the audio from iKIC? Then feel free to purchase only the text lessons. Want to upgrade to all 143 lessons with full audio? Special discounted combinations are also available within the store.

Available Content in iKIC

Base version : 2363 words, 350 kanji with audio for lesson 1 and text for lessons 1-18  $10
Lessons 19-143 :  7360 words, 1957 kanji  $4
Lessons 2-18 Audio :  Audio for lessons 2-18  $6
Lessons 19-143 Audio :  Audio for lessons 19-143  $10
Premium Add-on :  All audio and text for lessons 2-143  $15

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